South Eugene Meadows Park Development

map showing proposed loop trail in south eugene meadows connecting to blanton ridge trail

South Eugene Meadows Park is situated to the south and west of the Eugene City limits. It was acquired by City of Eugene Parks and Open Space in 2012. Totaling 194 acres, the expansive park features large areas of upland prairie, oak savannah, oak woodlands, and Douglas-fir forest and offers views of nearby Spencer Butte.

The long-term vision, formalized in the 2013 South Eugene Meadows Park Management Plan, is for public access and use to provide compatible recreation connectivity to the Ridgeline Trail system that offers visitors the opportunity to experience nature and to enjoy Willamette Valley ecosystems and species.

The proposed trail is a collaboration between the City of Eugene Parks and Open Space and the Eugene Parks Foundation, a local nonprofit whose mission is to “create exceptional parks, open spaces, and trails for the Eugene community and visitors.”

The project will construct approximately 2.5 miles of new trail that will connect Willamette Street to Blanton Road and create the potential to hike or bike a loop from either location by using an existing maintenance access road in the central portion of the park.