City Code

City of Eugene Code Information

City Code documents are available in Microsoft Word format as well as in PDF format.  When consulting the Word version of documents, please ensure that contents are cross-referenced to the official version of the City Code.

Eugene City Code (MS Word)
Eugene City Code (PDF)

City Code Revisions

A list of the ordinances adopted by City Council that have changed Eugene Code provisions, and information about the specific changes, code sections, and pages affected are available in the 
 08/31/18 Code Update Instructions 
PDF versions of the changed pages only (not the entire chapters) are also available for download.

Accessing All Ordinances

The code chapters provided in the City Code revisions may not reflect the most current code provisions.  You may access all ordinances to help determine if additional changes to the code are in effect.  File downloads must be allowed in your browser security settings to access the Eugene Code in Word Format.