Equity and Inclusion in Local Government

The City of Eugene’s Human Rights and Neighborhood Involvement Office provides leadership, guidance, and insight on equity and community engagement to make Eugene a safe and welcoming community for all residents, workers, and visitors.

We also work towards developing a culture of belonging at the city of Eugene government.  A sense of belonging is present when organizations engage the full potential of individuals, where innovation thrives, and views, beliefs, and values are integrated. Achieving this vision requires tackling tough issues such as institutional racism and implicit bias. Creating a culture of equity and belonging will ensure we are meeting the needs of all residents, visitors, and City of Eugene employees.

Departmental Strategic Equity plans

The City of Eugene’s Diversity and Equity Strategic Plan marks an exciting milestone in our ongoing work to meet the diversity and human rights goals and the needs of the City organization. This plan, initiated by the City Council Committee on Race, is the product of hard work by many people inside and outside the organization, including the City’s Diversity Advisory Council, diversity committees in each City department, the University of Oregon Community Planning Workshop and many community members who gave their time, talent and energy to this process.

The Diversity and Equity Strategic Plan is a five year plan, a guideline, a living document that helps us become the organization we envision. As a way of accomplishing DESP Action 1.1, each City department was tasked with creating a department plan for how they would implement the goals of the DESP. This meant that each department needed to look at the daily work their department was responsible for and indicate how equity and human rights goals would be integrated and infused into that work.

Department Action Plans

City of Eugene Equity and Human Rights Board Mission

The equity and human rights board provides leadership review and policy recommendations, on City practices which ensure and promote access, equity, diversity and human rights.

For more information on the Equity and Human Rights Board please contact staff at 541-682-5177.