Resources on Prevention and Response to Human Rights Violations

Human Rights in Our Community

The City of Eugene is proud to be a member of the Equity and Community Consortium (ECC), a group comprised of 11 organizations within the Eugene / Springfield Metro Area. You can learn about the ECC’s goals and mission in the Memorandum of Understanding: Equity and Community Consortium.

Being Unhoused in Eugene
The City of Eugene Human Rights Commission believes each individual has inherent worth and is valuable to our community. Housing is a human right and the commission and others are working hard to address this complex issue.

Human Rights Commission members are part of Opportunity Eugene and are looking for ways to address this community issue. Opportunity Eugene's Community Task Force completed a report with recommendations. If you want more information on this issue please contact our office at 541-682-5177.

Other Information on the Issue

What You Can Do

Hate activity can test our community, and we all can play a role in effective response. Our collective, community effort is our greatest resource, and we must respond to these heinous acts. The commission encourages active reporting. If you see a violent act, graffiti, flyers or hear hate or bias speech regarding our homeless population, or any other groups, please report it immediately.

One way to document such atrocious acts, if you are a witness, includes taking a photo via mobile phone or noting any information about perpetrators, hate activity or events and sharing these as soon as possible with the City of Eugene Police Department or the Office of Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement at 541-682-5177. You can also lodge a complaint or concern online. More information can be found on the Discrimination, Hate, Bias, and Complaint page detailing what to do if you witness such an act.