About EPD

About the Eugene Police Department

The Eugene Police Department (EPD) is a progressive, professional law-enforcement agency that serves the city of Eugene, Oregon. Officers and support staff are on duty to respond to calls for service and assist community members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In a typical day, Eugene police officers are dispatched to about 275 calls for service (100,000 calls for service each year). This activity creates about 25,000 criminal cases every year. EPD staff members also engage in proactive community education and crime-prevention activities to help protect all of Eugene’s residents, with offerings ranging from the annual Prevention Convention program and the Safety Town program for pre-kindergarteners to seminars about crime prevention.

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Serving the City

The department serves a city of more than 156,000 residents with about 330 employees and a budget of approximately $45,600,000 in FY12. About 190 sworn officers work in patrol, investigations, traffic enforcement and administrative positions, while about 140 civilian employees work mostly in records, communications, crime prevention and administrative support positions. These employees are distributed through the department’s three divisions:
  • Operations support
  • Police operations (including special operations and investigations)
  • Technical services

While the bulk of the work of the Eugene Police Department is undertaken by its full-time paid employees. Both day-to-day operations and special projects are greatly assisted by the numerous area residents who generously donate their time and skills by volunteering in approximately 37 positions. Anyone interested in volunteering is encouraged to call 541-682-5355. Tours of the department can be arranged by calling 541-682-5352.

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