Street Improvement Assessments

Street Improvement Assessment Policies

To achieve greater fairness and equity in how much and what portion property owners pay of the cost to upgrade unimproved streets, the City Council has adopted changes to Eugene's street assessment policies.

In March, 2009 the City Council identified issues of concern with the City’s current assessment policy and formed a council subcommittee to review the issues of concern and to propose revisions to the Eugene Code to the council. The full council reviewed the recommendations of the council subcommittee and, after a public hearing on a proposed ordinance on November 15, 2010, approved a final ordinance on December 15, 2010 with an effective date, per the City Charter, six months after adoption on June 15, 2011.

Paying for Street Improvements

When a street or alley is initially improved to City standards, adjacent property owners are expected to participate in the cost of the work through assessments (or through the cost of the parcel when the lot is part of a new development). Property taxes are not used to pay for improvements to unimproved streets. 

Property owners who are assessed for street and alley improvements have the following financing and financial assistance programs available:

Additional Information 

Council sessions considering assessments can be viewed on television, via AT&T Cable Channel 11.

Links to several other fact sheets providing information on street assessment policies are provided below: