Street Maintenance


Crew paving street The Surface Maintenance team serves the citizens of Eugene* in a number of ways, including:

  • Emergency events requiring heavy equipment and personnel.
  • Leaf pick-up program.
  • Maintenance of streets, alleys, sidewalks, pedestrian ways, on street bike lanes and off-street bike paths.
  • Snow and ice control.

Street repairs are scheduled based on a variety of factors, including the amount of damage, use of the street, availability of funds and time of year. Repairs are typically performed on arterial and collector streets where vehicle loads include frequent bus and commercial truck traffic.

* Street services provided to all of River Road area south of Beltline under new intergovernmental agreement with Lane County.

Our Street System

Eugene’s street system is an extensive network of various types of traveling surfaces under the City’s jurisdiction. The street transportation system in Eugene represents a $500 million investment, which amount’s to the city’s most expensive public asset. Eugene’s street system includes:

  • 14 miles of alleys.
  • 538 miles of improved and unimproved asphalt and concrete streets.
  • 772 miles of sidewalk and pedestrian ways and 6982 sidewalk access ramps.
  • 187 miles of on street bike lanes and 46 miles of off street paths.

The City of Eugene has many different types and classifications of streets, such as Fully Improved, Semi Improved, Unimproved and others. For a full explanation of road classifications, refer to the Street Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual.


If you need assistance call 541-682-4800 or use Public Works Service Request.


Our Team mission is to safely and efficiently manage, support, maintain and repair public infrastructure with the safety and welfare of the community as our primary responsibility.

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