Nuisance Vegetation Program

Cut Tall Grass and Weeds

Overgrown vegetation can create fire and traffic hazards and is a violation of nuisance ordinances in the Eugene City code. Beginning June 15, the City of Eugene will take action to make sure that overgrown grass and weeds and other forms of obnoxious vegetation are controlled on vacant lots.

Property owners are responsible for keeping grass and weeds below ten inches in height and for removing blackberry vines or other obnoxious vegetation that extends into a public way, impairs motorists’ visibility or crosses a property line.

On undeveloped properties:

  • The City may remove obnoxious vegetation between June 15 and September 30 without further notice.
  • Vegetation that blocks the visibility of motorists must be removed immediately, regardless of the season.

For developed properties the nuisance ordinances are in effect throughout the year and deal with vegetation conditions such as:

  • Blackberries encroaching over property lines
  • Trees and shrubs that obstruct streets, alleys and sidewalks
  • Visual obstructions at street and alley intersections

If a violation is found on developed property, the owner is notified by letter and has ten days to correct the problem.

If the property owner does not correct a violation, the City will hire a contractor to mow or remove the nuisance, and the costs will be billed to the property owner. The City’s minimum mowing charge is $175. In some cases, the cost may be higher, especially if much of the work must be done by hand.

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