Jury Service


Eugene Municipal Court jurors are required to serve for one day or one trial. While trials do vary in length, Eugene Municipal Court cases average one day. Potential jurors are selected at random from the latest property tax roll and registered City voters (excerpted from City Code Section 2.790).

ORS 10.030 states, "Except as otherwise specifically provided by statute, the opportunity for jury service shall not be denied or limited on the basis of race, national origin, gender, age, religious belief, income, occupation or any other factor that discriminates against a cognizable group in this state."

Jury Online Check-in

If you received a juror summons in the mail for Eugene Municipal Court, you can respond electronically.


Attire should reflect the dignity and professionalism of the court. Please refrain from wearing shorts, tank tops, sweats, and t-shirts with any printed matter.

Alternatives to Parking

For parking space and permit information, please refer to your juror summons.


Eugene Municipal Court provides parking for bicycles. Parking for bicycles is located outside Eugene Municipal Court.

Public Transportation

For information regarding public transportation to Eugene Municipal Court, contact Lane Transit District at (541) 687-5555, or view the Lane Transit District schedule.

Telephone Confirmation

A recorded message is available at (541) 682-5403 after 4:30 pm the day prior to the day of service. The recorded message will confirm appearance, cancel appearance, or request a call back at a later time.

Notice to Employer

ORS 10.090(1) reads, "An employer shall not discharge or threaten to discharge, intimidate, or coerce any employee by reason of the employee’s service or scheduled service as a juror on a grand jury, trial jury or jury of inquest." While inconvenience to a prospective juror or an employer is not a legal reason to be excused from jury service, it will be considered for a one time postponement.


Compensation for jurors is $10 per day plus $2 per day for mileage. If your employer pays your wages while you are serving as a juror you must waive the daily fee. Juror fees, not including mileage, must be reported as income for tax purposes. The court does not provide records for income tax purposes. Compensation checks are normally mailed at the beginning of the month following jury duty. Forms are available at the time of services for jurors who would like to donate their fees to the Human Services Commission.

Excuse or Deferral

Any request for postponement, disqualification or excuse must be submitted in writing. There is no permanent excuse from jury service, except as allowed by statute.


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