Family and Medical Leave

Most regular City of Eugene employees are entitled to twelve weeks of family or medical leave during any 12-month period, as provided under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993, and under the State of Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA, ORS 659.010 and 659.121).

FMLA /OFLA Information and Resources 
Family and Medical Information Form
Submit completed form to Risk to request an employee’s time off be designated as FMLA/OFLA.
Employee Rights & Responsibilities
Required posting outlining an employee’s rights and responsibilities.
Family and Medical Leave Guide 
Detailed information about the City of Eugene’s policies and procedures.
Timesheet Codes 
A list of all FMLA, OFLA and DPML timesheet codes.
Family and Medical Leave FAQs 
Answers to many of the questions asked by City of Eugene employees.
Employee Break/Leave Periods 
Supplemental information about required break and leave periods.
Police: Intermittent Parental Leave 
Required form for every EPD employee requesting intermittent parental leave.
FIRE - Intermittent Parental Leave 
Required form for every EFD employee requesting intermittent parental leave.
 Other Leaves
Leave for DVHSAS
Detailed information about Leave for Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault or Stalking.

Leave Donation Program 
The City of Eugene’s Leave Donation Program provides paid time off for regular employees in the event of a catastrophic medical condition of the employee or their family member that would otherwise result in unpaid leave. It may help to bridge the gap between an employee’s own exhausted paid leave and long term disability. Employees applying to receive leave donations must meet eligibility requirements and exhaust their own leave accruals. Donating employees can choose to donate accrued vacation or shift holiday time to help keep the receiving employee whole with regards to pay and benefits.

Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria is listed in the forms below, in the Administrative Policy Manual (APM), and in Union contracts and agreements. Leave donation requests and donor forms must be approved by the Risk Services Benefits Program to ensure they meet eligibility criteria.

Employees should contact their supervisor and/or the Risk Services Benefits Program if they would like to apply for Leave Donations or if they have questions about the Leave Donation Program.

Leave Donation Forms
Leave Donation Request Form: EPEA, IAFF, IATSE and Non-Rep 
Leave Donation Request Form: AFSCME 
Leave Donation Donor Form