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  1. Yuruhary Windowfront Exhibition

    Windowfront Exhibitions

    October 6, 2023-January 14, 2024

    Downtown Eugene’s empty storefronts become interactive artworks and galleries with new and evolving windowfront paintings and art installations.
    Windowfront Exhibitions Info

  1. Culture Raising fence

    Culture Raising


    Culture Raising is a temporary public art project along a 100-foot fenceline in the new Riverfront Park.

    Culture Raising Info

  1. Dec 8
  2. Vibe Ages 12-18

    Join us every Friday night for loads of fun! We have free food, air hockey, virtual reality, video games, table tennis, arcade basketball and more every week.
    Vibe Ages 12-18
  1. Dec 11
  2. Financial Aid Available to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    The Inflation Reduction Act authorizes financial incentives to people who take actions to increase their energy efficiency or increase their use of clean energy, in the form of tax credits or rebates.
    Financial Aid Available to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  1. Dec 16
  2. Pottery Studio Sale & Open House

    One of Amazon Community Center's hidden gems is the ceramic studio. Come for a visit, find some holiday gifts and view upcoming classes.
    Pottery Studio Sale & Open House
  3. Native American Craft Fair All Ages

    A gathering of Northwest artists and crafters dedicated to preserving native arts and cultures host the winter Native American Arts and Crafts Market.
    Native American Craft Fair All Ages
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Community Programs Mission Vision graphic separatorCultural Services Community Programs 

provides thoughtful leadership that cultivates a vibrant, creative + resilient community through artistic and collaborative experiences.

Creativity is essential to recovery

We champion the role of creative workers to rebuild, reimagine, unify and heal our community.

The city is a stage, studio + playground

We strive to integrate creativity into the daily Eugene experience and allow for multiple points of entry.

We honor each other

Cultural heritage is uplifted + honored through representation, resources, access and opportunities.

Co-creating is empowering

We consult, involve and collaborate with artists + cultural producers to cultivate a healthy and inclusive arts ecosystem.

Community Programs Mission Vision graphic separator

Contact Us

  1. Community & Cultural Affairs Senior Manager

    Colette Ramirez

    Ph: 541-682-6347