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Did you know that each year Eugene puts over 40 million pounds of food waste in the local landfill? Want to do something about it? We did. That is why local garbage haulers, commercial composters, the City of Eugene and area businesses teamed up to make sure that food scraps turn into valuable compost instead of take up space in our landfill. Now it is your turn to do something. Join the Love Food Not Waste campaign and improve our earth while supporting local businesses’ bottom line. Let’s Grow!

Love Food Not Waste

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It’s easy to set up your program and become part of the cycle. Love food in 4 steps:

  1. Contact your garbage hauler to sign up for service.
  2. Schedule a session with your hauler to provide free technical training.
  3. Raise awareness among your staff. See our educational poster.
  4. Start composting!
  1. Did you know...

    The City of Eugene's Love Food not Waste Program has diverted over 

    28,342 tons

    of food waste into compost production to date.

Love Food Not Waste Composting is a 'Food Only' Program

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