Residential Parking

All residential parking zones allow two-hour parking without a permit during designated times. All zones are posted with signs indicating when the two-hour parking limit is enforced. With an appropriate residential parking permit, you may park beyond the posted time limits. Please note that the maximum number of permits issued is five (5) for properties in Zones A, E, F, G, and J. Eugene City Code allows up to five unrelated persons to live in a residence.

Current Residential Parking Permit Holders: New System for September Renewals

Current 1-Year Residential Parking Permits will expire on August 31, 2021. We are in the process of transitioning to a new permit system and are finalizing the details. We will be sending out enrollment information and instructions to current permit holders around the middle of August. If you need an immediate residential parking permit prior to the new permit year beginning September 1, 2021, please email us at

Residential Parking Permit Rates

Don't know your zone? Find your parking permit zone with our Interactive Parking Zone Map.

Residential Parking Permit Zone
Zone A, E, F, G
$40.00 per year
Zone B, C - Quarterly Permit
$99.00 per quarter
Zone B, C - Homeowner/Long-Term Resident (see description)$40.00 per year
Zone H - Quarterly Permit
$150.00 per quarter
Zone J
First two free, $40 per year for additional

Proof of Residency Requirements

In addition to the completed application, current proof of residency with your name and address on it is required. The following are acceptable as proof of residency:

  • Recent bank or credit card statement. Must be sent to you with your name and your address within the last 30 days. (No online prints/verification)
  • Utility bill in your name and address within the last 30 days. This includes electric, gas, phone, cable or internet. Online verification acceptable if it is clearly identifiable of service location not just mailing address.
  • Oregon driver’s license/ID without sticker or provisional. Driver’s license must be legible with the information clearly visible.
  • Current lease/rental agreement, in your name with address clearly identified. Scanned PDF copies are approved. If no formal agreement, a memorandum can be used on rental company official letterhead. Documents must have valid signatures reflecting the applicants name and a current date range of occupancy that includes the dates for which the permit is being applied for.
  • Property tax documentation with your name and address clearly identified.

Homeowner: An owner/occupant who (1) is an owner of record of the property as shown on the most recent Lane County Assessor’s tax roll, and (2) occupies a dwelling on the property for a minimum of 6 months of each calendar year. Prior to permit issuance, the owner/occupant must provide the city with a copy of the property deed or property tax statement to verify ownership. 

Long-Term Renter: A person who does not own the property but has resided at the address associated with the property for more than four years. Prior to permit issuance, the occupant must provide the city with sufficient documentation to verify the 4+ year occupancy requirement. Acceptable documentation includes original lease/rental agreement plus: recent utility bill or bank statement, renter's insurance statement, voter’s registration, valid Oregon driver’s license with current address, or recent income tax filing. It is the customer's responsibility to show long term residency per the above documents.

Additional Document Requirements

In addition to Proof of Residency, the following documents may be required for residential parking permits:

  • Photo identification: Valid Driver’s license or state-issued ID, passport, military ID, or student ID card.
  • Current and Valid Vehicle Registration card with your license plate number for each vehicle for which you wish to have a permit. This must be in your name or your parent’s name. Loaned vehicles are not eligible for permit. Temporary registrations, title transfers, or bills of sale will be reviewed on an individual basis. 

Guest Permits

Free Guest Permits are available to eligible residents in all zones for visitors staying longer than two hours during the posted times. Guest Permits are obtainable only by an eligible resident. Residents not currently using the parking program must provide Proof of Residency to obtain a guest permit. Guest Permits are applied for and issued online. Please be aware: Older versions of these permits are not valid.

Service Parking Permit

Service Permits are issued for routine, long-term services being performed at an address in a residential parking zone. Examples of these type of services include: housekeeping, childcare, in-home caregiving, and lawn care. A signed contract between the resident and service provider must be uploaded with your Service Permit application. The contract should include: Date of agreement, type of service, frequency of service, service address, and contact info for service provider.  These permits are available to eligible residents only and must be used in the zone listed on the permit.