Residential Permits

Residential Parking Permits

To help address the high demand for parking in residential areas surrounding the University of Oregon, Skinner Butte Historical District and Downtown, the City of Eugene has established a parking program that designates special zones (view map) and rules for residential parking.

All residential parking zone areas allow two-hour parking without a permit during designated times. All zone areas are posted with signs stating the time of day when the two-hour parking limit is enforced. With the appropriate zone permit, you may park beyond the posted time limits. Parking permit rates vary depending on the zone - see the Rates page for more information.


Residents whose property is in a designated zone A, B, C, E, F, G, H, or J area may be eligible to purchase a residential permit which allows residents to park beyond the posted time limits within the appropriate permit zone. Permits must be displayed on the left side of the rear bumper. Vehicles with permits that are not displayed correctly will be ticketed.

Guest Permits

Guest permits are available free of charge in all zones to eligible residents for visitors staying longer than two hours during the posted times. Guest permits are obtainable only by an eligible resident. Residents not currently using the parking program must provide the required information to obtain a guest permit.

Where to Purchase

Map from Parking Garages to Republic Parking Office

The City of Eugene's Residential Parking Permits can be purchased downtown at:

Republic Parking
Atrium Building
Suite 119 (1st Floor) 99 West 10th Avenue

We validate up to 2 hours of parking in the Parcade and Overpark Garages, which are located within two blocks of our office!

When to Purchase

Homeowners and Long term Residents (see description) - August 14, 2017.  

All other residential permit applicants – August 28, 2017.

What to bring to get a permit? 

1. Completed application; link below (available at office too)
2. Current Proof of Residency
3. Photo ID
4. Vehicle Registration
5. Returning Customers - please also bring your current permit number(s)

Before coming in to purchase your permit, be sure to check the requirements before coming. 


Administrative Rule

Residential Permit Parking Zone Regulations: Administrative Rule R-5.040