Current Projects

A Brief Overview of Current Projects

  1. Envision Eugene is a long-range planning project with two primary goals. 1) Determine how Eugene will accommodate the next 20 years of growth in our community, as required by state law, and 2) Create a future that is livable, sustainable, beautiful and prosperous.
  2. The South Willamette Area Planning project is working towards a vision for the area that includes more commercial buildings and denser types of urban housing, ideas for enhancing the shopping district, and better ways to access the area for all users of the streets and sidewalks.
  3. Land Use Code Amendments are focused on implementing recommendations from Envision Eugene related to single family housing and compact urban development.
  4. Infill Compatibility Standards seeks to prevent the negative impact of infill on Eugene‚Äôs neighborhoods and to encourage positive infill.
  5. The Community Design Guide will be an expression of how the community's values and vision can be reflected in the built environment. This relatively short, highly illustrative, and non-regulatory document will serve as a touchstone for discussing design excellence in Eugene for all members of the community.