South Willamette Concept Plan Overview

Recent Update

The proposed South Willamette Special Area Zone and design code that followed the recommendations of the South Willamette Concept Plan has been withdrawn. The land use application was withdrawn by the Eugene City Council as of May 10, 2016. This information page is for reference only.

South Willamette Concept Plan

The vision includes an attractive, healthy, walkable neighborhood with successful businesses and new opportunities for jobs and housing.

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The study of the South Willamette district is part of Envision Eugene, the city’s plan for how to accommodate jobs and places to live for our growing population over the next twenty years.   The South Willamette Concept Plan began as a pilot for the Envision Eugene area planning strategy.  The district encompasses the vital South Willamette Street area from 23rd to 32nd Avenues and from Amazon Park to the base of College Hill.

The Concept Plan is a product of a robust community process involving over 600 people through workshops, online and email input, presentations and regular updates.  Following extensive public engagement and discussion, the final draft of the South Willamette Concept Plan was accepted by the Planning Commission on April15, 2013, and presented to the City Council on June 19, 2013.  The Concept Plan provides a vision for the South Willamette district to successfully blend a range of housing and jobs in a desirable community setting. 
Check the South Willamette Area Planning web page for more information on implementation of the vision.