Infill Compatibility Standards

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Infill Compatibility Standards
The ICS task team included 14 neighborhood association representatives, a Housing Policy Board representative, and five additional members with the perspectives of builders, developers, and designers of market-rate and affordable infill housing. 

The ICS Task Team met monthly from November 2007 through September 2009.

The ICS Task Team
Heritage Neighborhoods Code Amendments Adopted
In 2009, the Eugene City Council adopted three ordinances implementing the first round of recommendations of the ICS Task Team. All three ordinances took effect on January 16, 2010.
Multi-family Housing Code Amendments (May 2012)
On May 14, 2012, the Eugene City Council adopted Multi-family Housing Code Amendments affecting open space, setbacks, intrusions and parking. The amendments took effect, under ordinance no. 20492, on June 15, 2012.

Single-family Housing Code Amendments
The R-1/Flag Lot Implementation Team (RIFLIT) met in spring 2010. Recommendations were forwarded on to be included in the Envision An ICS MeetingEugene implementation process.

Envision Eugene
With the launch of Envision Eugene in 2010, the remaining ICS recommendations were folded into the community wide visioning process. Neighbor-hood Livability became a key Pillar of the vision, and design and compatibility issues are now routinely woven throughout Envision Eugene implementation projects, including Area PlanningCode Amendments, and Land Use application review.

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