Incentives for Historic Preservation

A range of financial incentives are available from federal, state and local government to encourage preservation of historic resources.

Donating Conservation or Preservation Easements
A conservation easement or preservation easement donates certain specified rights over a portion of a historic property (i.e., a facade) to a qualified local, state or government entity who in turn ensures the preservation of that portion of the property. In Oregon, the Historic Preservation League of Oregon (HPLO) accepts and manages preservation easements. Qualified property must be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. For more information visit the Restore Oregon Website or the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

Tax Incentives for Rehabilitation
Owners of properties listed in the National Register may be eligible for a 20% investment tax credit for the certified rehabilitation of income-producing certified historic structures such as commercial, industrial or rental residential buildings. To find out more, visit the federal page on tax incentives for preserving historic properties.

Federal Grants
Limited federal grant funds are available for the preservation of buildings listed in the National Register. For more information on federal grants for historic preservation and the federal tax incentive program, visit the National Park Service (NPS) Heritage Preservation Service's page.
Historic Zoning
The S-H Historic zoning designation is used selectively to help ensure the conservation of historic properties in Eugene. The S-H Historic overlay designation allows greater flexibility with allowable uses and development standards for the property, with a goal of finding a use that is compatible with the historic character of the property that will help ensure its continued productive use.

An example of this is a professional office in a historic house in a residential district where such an office would not normally be permitted. Before a property can receive the S-H Historic zoning designation it must first be designated as a city landmark or be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Download the Historic Designation Application.