Eugene Cultural Resource Program

Historic Preservation

The Eugene Cultural Resource Inventory Program

Cultural resource surveys are a valuable tool to identify and evaluate historic resources. Since the mid-1980s, in cooperation with the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office and the University of Oregon Historic Preservation Program, the City has conducted an ongoing survey of cultural resources within the city limits.

These surveys have inventoried over 5,000 historic properties, and resulted in protection of over three hundred historic resources, including two historic districts listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

There are large areas within the Eugene urban growth boundary that remain unsurveyed. The Eugene Area Historic Context Statement helps indicate the potential types and number of historic resources, including agricultural land and open space, being impacted by growth. One of these areas, for example, is the River Road area located northwest of the core area of Eugene.

Copies of completed neighborhood cultural resource inventories are available at the City of Eugene Public Library, 100 West 10th Avenue, Eugene; the Architecture and Allied Arts Library, University of Oregon; or from the City of Eugene Planning Division, 99 West 10th Avenue, Eugene. Survey documents can also be viewed using the City’s Historic Sites Interactive Map.