Multi-unit Property Tax Exemption

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The Multi-Unit Property Tax Exemption (MUPTE) is a tool that can shift a proposed housing development to being financially feasible. It is a state-enabled program designed to be an incentive of redevelopment of residential properties in city centers and along transit corridors. In Eugene, the City Council has authorized the use of MUPTE in the downtown area.

MUPTE allows new multi-family units (5 or more units) to avoid property taxes on the value of new residential construction for up to 10 years. The property continues to generate taxes for the land value during the exemption period.MUPTE_DevelopmentOverview

The figure to the right shows how the costs of development and operating revenues are connected. The construction costs are all up-front and are made before the developer generates any revenue from the development. Typically, developers use a mix of equity (i.e., investor funds) and debt (i.e., bank loan). The developer estimates the future rents from the apartments and/or commercial space or sales from condominiums, to estimate if those expected revenues can cover the debt payments and provide investors with a return on their investment that is competitive with other investment opportunities. By exempting property taxes, MUPTE lowers the operating costs in the early years of a housing development so that it becomes financially feasible.

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