Public Passenger Vehicles (PPV)

Transportation Network Company Driver Certification Renewals Can Be Done ONLINE

PPV Driver Certification Required

PPV driver certification is required for ALL drivers of:

  • Taxis
  • Shuttles
  • Transportation Network Vehicles (UBER and Lyft)
  • Pedal Vehicles 

Public Passenger Vehicle Code, Administrative Rules and Fee 2018 Updates

PPV Information for Drivers from the Eugene Police Department

  • Driver Letter from EPD
    • Illuminated dash or window mounted lights for both UBER and Lyft are NOT legal in Oregon.
    • Illegal U-turns

2018 Updates

  • April 23, 2018 – Eugene City Council adopted changes to the Public Passenger Vehicle code to maintain strong community safety standards, while meeting community desires to better align our code with other communities where Transportation Network Companies are currently operating.
  • Spring 2018 – Staff updated the PPV Administrative Rules and Fees and these were posted for public comments as per the required process. Nearly 130 comments were received on the proposed Rules and Fee changes.
  • July 19, 2018 – The PPV Administrative Rules and Fee changes were signed into effect by the City Manager. These went into effect immediately. The City is accepting applications from interested Transportation Network Companies for the required PPV Company Business License.

Public Passenger Vehicles (PPV) in Eugene

A public passenger vehicle is any vehicle which is used for the transportation of passengers for hire, including, but not limited to, shuttles, horse-drawn carriages, non-motorized bike cabs, taxicabs and transportation network vehicles.

A public passenger vehicle (PPV) license is required for any person or business to operate a public passenger vehicle company within the jurisdictional limits of Eugene and Springfield. However, an unlicensed public passenger vehicle operating outside of the jurisdictional limits of Eugene and Springfield may deliver a fare from outside those limits to a location within the limits, and if the vehicle waits for the person, retrieve the person for the return trip back outside the jurisdictional limits.

Filing a Complaint

You can now file a complaint online about a PPV company or a driver. 

Driver/Operator Certification

To operate a motorized public passenger vehicle in Eugene and Springfield, a PPV driver certification card, issued by the Business License Office, is required.

Currently Licensed Eugene-Springfield PPV Companies

Taxi Companies  
Airport City Taxi Limousine 541-484-4142
Budget Taxi 541-683-8294
Cascade Cab Company 541-225-3444
Eugene Airport Taxi 541-600-4040
Eugene Hybrid Cabs 541-357-8294
Eugene Hybrid Taxi 541-357-8294
Go Taxi 541-343-0167
Oregon Taxi 541-434-8294
Shuttle Services    
HUB Airport Shuttle 541-461-7959
Groome Transportation 541-207-0493
Pedicab Companies  
Emerald City Pedicab 541-543-7312
Pedal Vehicle  
Pacific Pub Cycle 541-632-4343