Tobacco Products Retail License

Tobacco Products Retail License Program

Retailers of tobacco products within the city limits are required to get a license to sell tobacco products in locations where persons under the age of 21 may have access to these products. All sales of tobacco products must be "vendor assisted" meaning products must located in such a way that a customer has no access to tobacco products without the assistance of a store employee. The responsibility for illegal sales to minors is placed on the owner of the establishment.

Licensee Responsibilities

Licensees are responsible for providing tobacco regulations training for employees at the beginning of employment, and annually thereafter. All licensees shall maintain complete and accurate records of all tobacco regulations training program(s) that have been implemented. The records shall reflect the type of program, the frequency of training sessions, the names of employees, and the dates the employees completed the training session(s) and shall be maintained for a period of five years from the date of the last entry.

Licensees must provide the City with access to the records upon request. Failure to do so, or to maintain current records, may result in suspension or revocation of the license.

Additional Information

For questions about licensing, please contact the City of Eugene Business License Program at 541-682-5379.