Boards and Commissions

Eugene’s boards and commissions are resident advisory groups that provide an invaluable service to our city by advising City Council and/or City staff on a wide variety of subjects.  Use the menu to the left to get more information on each group.

2023 Application Period Closed March 31, 2023

Next Steps

(1) Personal statements - based on their review of the applications submitted, Council will invite some members of the applicant pool to participate in a public meeting on May 22, 2023, at which you will be asked to provide a three-minute statement of interest. Applicants that are not invited to the interview may still be considered for appointment. Interviews may continue at a later date, as necessary.  

(2) Appointments - on June 12, 2023, Council is scheduled to vote on appointments to advisory groups. No appointment is final until Council votes, as debates and motions to substitute may occur. 

Also on June 12, 2023, Council will hear and discuss nominations from Mayor Vinis for those groups that require a mayoral nomination, including the Historic Review Board, the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency, the Police Commission, and the Whilamut Citizen Planning Committee. Applicants to these groups will not be asked to make a three-minute statement but may be asked to meet with Mayor Vinis to discuss their interest in serving prior to nomination.  

(3) Term start date - individuals who are appointed to a board or commission will officially begin their term on July 1, 2023.

(Please note that applicants to the Library Advisory Board and Envision Eugene Technical Advisory Committee are appointed by City of Eugene staff and will follow a separate interview and appointment process.)

City Council Advisory Bodies* (see below for further information):

  • Budget Committee (1 opening)
  • Civilian Review Board (2 openings)
  • Human Rights Commission (3 openings)
  • Planning Commission (2 openings)
  • Police Commission (3 openings)
  • Historic Review Board (1 opening)
  • Toxics Board (2 openings)

Other Groups:

  • Whilamut Citizen Planning Committee (4 openings)
  • Library Advisory Board (3 openings)
  • LRAPA (3 openings)
  • Envision Eugene Technical Advisory Committee (3 openings)

*Please note: City of Eugene employees are ineligible to serve on City Council advisory bodies.

  1. Budget Committee

Budget Committee: 4-year term*, 1 unexpired term**

(Appointed by Council)

Description: The Budget Committee reviews the City’s annual budget in accordance with Oregon’s Local Budget Law and Oregon Administrative Rules. The Committee makes recommendations to the City Council on the annual budget, the Financial Management Goals and Policies, and on specific issues as directed by the Council. Budget Committee may also meet to discuss updates to long-range financial plans and policies.


  1. Live within the UGB
  2. Be a qualified elector

*Term length upon approval of An Ordinance Concerning Budget Committee Term and Amending Sections 2.013 and 2.604 of the Eugene Code, 1971. 

**Term tentatively set to expire June 30, 2024 upon approval of An Ordinance Concerning Budget Committee Term and Amending Sections 2.013 and 2.604 of the Eugene Code, 1971.

  1. Civilian Review Board
  1. Human Rights Commission
  1. Planning Commission
  1. Police Commission
  1. Historic Review Board
  1. Toxics Board
  1. Whilamut CPC
  1. Library Advisory Board
  1. LRAPA
  1. Envision Eugene Technical Advisory Committee