Police Hiring Process

Interested in Becoming a Police Officer?

The City of Eugene Police Department (EPD) is a progressive, professional law-enforcement agency that serves a city of more than 170,000 resident (2020) with about 328 employees.  EPD responds to call for service, assisting community members and providing administrative service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.    The department is actively recruiting police officers to join this professional, dedicated team who serve the Eugene community.  Below is some information about the hiring process.

A Word From Chief Skinner

Hiring Process

Recruitment and Employment

The City of Eugene values diversity in its work force and is committed to affirmative action. For more information, call 541-682-5061, and please keep checking the following site for future officer position postings, which are updated regularly. See City of Eugene Job Postings.

What are the qualifications to become a police officer?

The Eugene Police Department has recently switched from the Police Officer Physical Abilities Test to the Oregon Physical Abilities Test. Being hired as an officer in the City of Eugene requires that you pass the ORPAT.

Want to Learn More?

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You can request a Ride-Along to learn more about the challenges, risks, and rewards of Eugene Police Department’s role in our community. Ride-Alongs are not guaranteed and are based upon availability of EPD staff. They can be subject to change due to public safety needs. To take a Ride-Along, you must meet the eligibility criteria outlined on the Ride-Along application  form here: Eugene Police Department Ride Along Application Form which you will be asked to complete beforehand. A background will be completed prior to a Ride-Along being scheduled. Below is some basic information about the program: 

  • 16 years of age minimum to apply for a ride.
  • Four times per calendar year, or every three months per person.
  • Priority is given to those who are in EPD’s hiring process or have applied for a job with the Eugene Police Department. If you have applied for a job with EPD, you must wait until after your oral interview to request a ride.
  • Participants must dress in a neat and appropriate manner and always remain with the staff member, unless directed otherwise. 
  • Riders must obey without hesitation, all instructions/directions given by the employee.
  • May be exposed to privileged/confidential information and must agree to not discuss information with anyone.
  • Cameras and recording equipment may not be taken or used during the ride, unless approved by Command Staff, or the assigned staff member. 

If you have questions about Ride-Alongs, please contact Program Manager Jeff Blondé at 541-682-8332 or

 e-mail jeff.v.blonde@ci.eugene.or.us 

Come Serve with Us!

The Eugene Police Department provides a critical service to the community of Eugene, Oregon.  This partnership provides safety and security, enforces laws, prevents crimes, and safeguards the constitutional rights of all people.  If you are interested in being a part of this team, click the buttons below to learn more.

Hiring Police Officers

$65,832.00 - $83,948.80 Annually 

Hiring Lateral Police Officers

Salary Range:  $65,832.00 - $83,948.80 Annually