Crime Reduction Strategy

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Join us in the Fight Against Crime. EPD’s new Crime Initiative Strategy relies on data-led policing and that affects everything from 911 dispatching to police calls for service and follow-up. Your eyes and ears are important to this effort!

EPD is Turning Up the Heat on Crime

EPD re-engineered the way it deploys and dispatches officers, detectives, community engagement specialists and other staff so they are more effectively focusing their energies on chronic crime and repeat offenders in an orchestrated effort to reduce crime. This requires a collaborative relationship with prosecution and corrections officials, as well as with you. Early last year, Eugene Police personnel were re-staffed to a model where they are projecting their efforts directly in those neighborhoods where crime is occurring. The initiative’s pre-emptive and preventive approach is a form of community policing geared toward making it more difficult to victimize Eugene residents and guests.