Talks and Tours 


There are a large variety of topics available for public presentations....Current Crime Trends, Prevention & Safety, "Officer Friendly", K9, Internet Safety and many more....Talks/Presentations


The Eugene Police Department is happy to host tours of its operation headquarters. Tours are typically hosted by a Community Engagement Specialist who will guide groups through certain areas of the facility, providing additional insight into the daily workings of the Eugene Police Department. 

To arrange a tour, contact CET Supervisor Cherie Nelson at 541-682-2746 or email.


You can request a Ride-Along to learn more about the challenges, risks, and rewards of Eugene Police Department’s role in our community. Ride-Alongs are not guaranteed and are based upon availability of EPD staff. They can be subject to change due to public safety needs. To take a Ride-Along, you must meet the eligibility criteria outlined on the Ride-Along application  form here: Eugene Police Department Ride Along Application Form which you will be asked to complete beforehand. A background will be completed prior to a Ride-Along being scheduled. Below is some basic information about the program:


  • 16 years of age minimum to apply for a ride.
  • Four times per calendar year, or every three months per person.
  • Priority is given to those who are in EPD’s hiring process or have applied for a job with the Eugene Police Department. If you have applied for a job with EPD, you must wait until after your oral interview to request a ride.
  • Participants must dress in a neat and appropriate manner and always remain with the staff member, unless directed otherwise.  
  • Riders must obey without hesitation, all instructions/directions given by the employee.
  • May be exposed to privileged/confidential information and must agree to not discuss information with anyone.
  • Cameras and recording equipment may not be taken or used during the ride, unless approved by Command Staff, or the assigned staff member. 

If you have questions about Ride-Alongs, please contact Program Manager Jeff Blondé at 541-682-8332 or e-mail