Bicycle Safety / Theft Prevention

ips for Bicycle Safety

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) provides extensive information regarding bicycle safety and regulations. ODOT Bicycle Safety

REGISTER YOUR BIKEAfter careful consideration over a period of years, we have decided that the Eugene Police Department will no longer be offering bicycle registration. There are great alternatives to our registration (e.g. Bike Index, Project 529, etc.) with links to their pages below.  Their registration is social media based and more accessible/powerful than our limited internal database. If you have registered your bicycle with us, we will keep those records for two years from the date it was registered.  We encourage you to consider registering your bicycle using another method, like those mentioned above.  If you sell or donate your bicycle within the two years from the date of registration, please let us know, by contacting Program Manager Jeff Blondé, 541-682-8332, or via e-email at: Jeff Blonde, so we can update our records.  Even if you don’t register your bicycle, please make sure you record your information (e.g. serial #, make, model, color, etc.) somewhere that is accessible, in the event of a theft.  Registration is not a substitute for good locking practices, so please make sure you always secure your bike and use a quality U-lock and cable lock at the “Rear Triangle” (like the graphics below) when at all possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

University of Oregon students should register their bicycle with the UO Department of Parking & Transportation. Registration with them is required for all bikes on campus.  If your bicycle is stolen on campus, visit this link for more information about reporting your bike stolen: U of O Reporting Crimes.

Various National bike registries are available, such as or Project 529. Many of these registration tools are free, convenient and easy to use.

Preventing Bicycle Theft

Like most college towns, Eugene has a significant bike theft problem. Bikes are valuable, portable and easy to resell, making them attractive to thieves. By taking some precautions, you can lower the odds that you’ll be the victim of a stolen bike. 

LOCK YOUR BIKE - Lock your bike at all times, no matter how short of time you will be leaving it. Make sure the lock is attached to the frame of the bicycle and secured to a fixed, immovable object. Invest in a solid hardened steel U-bolt style lock. You should expect to pay $40 or more for a quality lock. Cheap ones can be easily defeated. Some U-locks come with insurance that will pay you if the lock is overcome and the bike is stolen. You can use additional locks to secure wheels and other parts. Cable locks can be good secondary locks but should not be used as your primary lock. Secure your bicycle in the garage the same way you would on the street. There is no locking method that is 100% foolproof. With time and tools, a thief can defeat your lock. Bikes left at racks overnight are particularly vulnerable. Bring your bicycle indoors or lock it in your garage whenever possible. Check out these bike locking graphics from our friends at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.




WHAT TO DO IF YOUR BIKE IS STOLEN - If your bike is stolen, file a police report as soon as possible. This type of report can be filed (for crimes occurring in the incorporated area of Eugene) online at Report a Crime or our non-emergency line 541-682-5111. In addition, register your stolen bike with Greater Eugene Area Riders (GEARs) GEARs uses Bike Index to send out alerts of stolen bikes and provides a publicly searchable database to help people identify and avoid buying a stolen bike. Post the bike as stolen in the bike section of Craigslist. If you receive a tip or info, contact police, 541-682-5111 for the incorporated area of Eugene. Please do not attempt to recover the bike on your own. 

GET INVOLVED - Get involved in the bicycle community. Many resources can be found here: City of Eugene Transportation