Evidence Control Unit

About the Evidence Control Unit

The Evidence Control Unit (ECU) is currently comprised of 10 employees and a full-time supervisor sergeant. In 2012, Eugene Police Commissioned a full audit of the ECU. View Full Audit

Evidence Control receives, logs, stores and properly disposes of property and evidence involved in Eugene Police cases. Duties of this unit include:

  • Assisting with the documentation/collection of property and evidence when search warrants are served
  • Copying audio and video tapes for investigators and prosecutors
  • Disposing of property and evidence when it is no longer needed for a case and/or cannot be reunited with its owner
  • Provides court testimony regarding the evidence "Chain of Custody"
  • Receiving property and evidence from Officers
  • Transporting evidence to/from the Oregon State Police Crime Lab and other police agencies
  • Working to return released property to its rightful owners

How to Claim Property