9-1-1 and Police Records

Technical Services Division PamC8143.jpg
Manager Pam Collett

Civilian Staff

As patrol officers and detectives respond to crime, they are supported by civilian police units. Although less visible to the community than uniformed officers, civilian staff also work around the clock to keep vital public safety services available in the city. If you call 911 or come to the police station to report a crime at any time of day or night, the first person you talk to will be an employee of the Technical Services Division.

Technical Services is commanded by a civilian division manager, with a Data and Records Section manager and a Communications Section manager each overseeing the line supervisors of several shift teams. The all-civilian division has about 75 employees.

What We Do

The Technical Services Division includes the Records Section, the Operations Analysis Unit and the Central Lane Communications Center. Although the Communications Center is organizationally part of the Eugene Police Department, it oversees all 911 communications and dispatching for 39 local police and fire departments as the Public Safety Answering Point for Central Lane County, taking in more than 400,000 calls a year.