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Posted on: September 18, 2012

[ARCHIVED] EPD Reminder: party safe, party responsibly

To prevent and respond proactively to potential alcohol and behavior problems related to partying, Eugene Police will be proactively working in the West and South University area this coming weekend. As in the past, EPD will be working with its partner agencies to enhance police presence to focus on the alcohol and behavioral issues.
Those celebrating and holding parties are urged to Party Safe, Party Responsibly. The presence of intoxicated individuals, darkened conditions, pedestrians and vehicles on the roadways can be a dangerous mix and police would like to remind everyone to exercise caution.

In the past five years, there has been a notable trend of alcohol use by minors in the West and South University neighborhoods during September and October. This is concerning because intoxication can lead to increased victimization (sexual assault, robbery, assault, ID theft and other crimes), and alcohol use has also been linked to past riot behavior, out of control parties and rampant alcohol consumption in 2009.

Over the past several years, partnerships have been formed between many agencies and organizations to provide a safe, positive living environment for students residing in Eugene, especially in the University of Oregon campus area. In past years, many parties hosted in and around the campus area have resulted in complaints from neighbors and required police response. Some significant problems have included unruly gatherings and street parties involving intoxicated individuals, assaults resulting in injuries to students and police officers, damage to public and private property, and noise disturbances involving yelling and/or loud music.

This upcoming weekend, EPD will have enhanced resources and response capabilities due to advance planning and coordination with other agencies. Eugene Police patrols will also continue to provide regular response to calls for service throughout the city. Individuals violating ordinances or state law are subject to citation, physical arrest, and/or civil fines. Alcohol and noise violations are chronic issues and are specifically targeted.

Eugene Police, is interested in ensuring that partiers are informed, feel welcome to Eugene and will enjoy their friends and celebrations in a safe manner that is also respectful of others who live and travel in the area.

Party Management Tips
Control the guest list. “Come one, come all” parties usually result in police contact. Have a door monitor to screen guests. Don’t let random people who are walking around looking for a party into your house.

Adults only. If you choose to serve alcohol, ensure that you only serve to persons 21 years of age or older.

Plan ahead. Notify neighbors well in advance of the date, times and location of the party. Give them a telephone number and the name of the person to contact if there is a problem (and be responsive to their calls!).

Monitor noise levels. Keep doors and windows closed to reduce outside noise levels.

Discourage drinking games. Have a nondrinking person serving alcohol and don’t let people carry alcoholic beverages outside of your party.

Clean it up. Your neighbors may be more tolerant of your next party if you clean up promptly after this one. Clean up debris from your yard or the street.

Safety first. If you are concerned for a friend’s medical safety—such as suspected alcohol poisoning—call 9-1-1 immediately.

Prevent drunk driving. Arrange for transportation by a designated driver before anyone drinks. Make sure arrangements are understood by everyone. Ensure people don’t drive under the influence (a person riding a bicycle under the influence also may be arrested for DUII). As the party host, you are also liable.

Personal Safety
Whenever possible, travel in groups of two or more, especially when attending parties where alcohol is served. At night, park in well-lit parking areas close to your destination. Always lock your car or bike. Never leave valuables in your car.

• If your party gets out of hand, call the police. We will come out and help you regain control.
• Respond positively if a police officer comes to your house. The officer most likely is responding to a complaint. Make sure the person interacting with police officers at the front door is sober and able to be responsive to
• officers’ requests.
• Interfering with police officers makes a bad situation worse. Use common sense and be cooperative.
• When a police officer asks you to clear an area, leave right away. If you stick around to see what’s happening, you may be in a situation where you are interfering with a police officer. If police warn that they are going to use tear gas, you need to quickly get as far away as you can.

Are you hosting a party? Are you a person responsible for the gathering, in charge of the premises, or the owner present at the party?
An out of control party can cost you hundreds of dollars in both criminal and civil fines.
The City of Eugene’s Special Response Fee Ordinance was enacted to discourage large disorderly parties. A person responsible for the gathering, in charge of the premises, or the owner present at a party of 25 or more persons on private property can receive a First Response Warning Notice from a police officer when two or more individuals associated with the party are either arrested or cited for violations of the Oregon criminal statutes or provisions of city code as enumerated in subsection (1) of Eugene City Ordinance 4.775.

A special response fee of up to $1,500 will be charged to the individuals responsible for the party, if within 90 days after issuance of the First Response Warning Notice, the police respond to a subsequent gathering of 25 or more persons on the same premises and the police arrest or cite two or more persons for violations of the Oregon criminal statutes or provisions of the city code enumerated in subsection (1) of Eugene City Ordinance 4. 775. The Special Response Fee is defined as the total cost incurred by the city of Eugene caused by the response, including, but not limited to, the actual cost of police department personnel, medical costs, equipment utilized or damaged and administrative overhead. The special response fee is in addition to any other penalties imposed by law for particular violations of law committed during the course of police response to this address. A notice recipient present at the subsequent gathering located on the premises specified above shall not be liable for the special response fee if the notice recipient was the person who was the first individual to call the police department to request assistance and can demonstrate that he or she took reasonable steps to prevent violations of law. A notice recipient may contest the validity of the notice by filing a written request for review with the Eugene Municipal Court within 15 days from the date of the notice. Oregon criminal statutes and city ordinances applicable under Special Response Fee Ordinance include urinating, defecating in public, resisting arrest, hindering prosecution, menacing, harassment, interfering with a police officer, prohibited noise disturbance, false swearing on a keg receipt, prohibited sales of alcoholic beverages, allowing alcohol consumption by minors on private premises, furnishing alcohol to minors, minors in possession of alcohol, disorderly conduct, offensive littering, escape, weapons offenses, intimidation, sale and use of fireworks, hazing, gambling, recklessly endangering another person, assaults, reckless burning, arson, endangering the welfare of a minor, criminal mischief, reckless burning, all felony drug offenses, all sexual offenses and homicide.

It is important to know the law! Frequently Violated Ordinances and Laws
Minor in Possession (MIP): No person under the age of 21 shall attempt to purchase, acquire or have in their possession any alcoholic liquor (Eugene City Code 4.115 or Oregon Revised Statute 471.430), nor have in their system any alcoholic liquor (ECC 4.115).
Offense: Violation Fine: Up to $360

Minor Falsely Representing Age:
A person less than a certain age who knowingly purports to be older with the intent of securing a right, benefit or privilege which by law is denied under that certain age (ECC 4.145 or ORS 165.805). Offense: Crime Fine: Up to $500 (jailable)

Giving False Information to a Police Officer: Knowingly uses or gives a false name, address, or birth date
to an officer issuing a citation (ECC 4.906).Offense: Crime Fine: Up to $2,500 (jailable)

Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor:
No one shall sell, give, or otherwise make available any alcoholic liquor to a person under the age of 21 years (ECC 4.110 or ORS 471.410).
Offense: Class A Misd. Fine: Up to $6,250 (jailable)

Allowing Alcohol Consumption by Minors:
No person who exercises control of private real property shall knowingly allow a minor to drink alcohol on the property or remain on the property after consuming (ECC 4.110(3) or ORS 471.410-3). Offense: Violation Fine: Up to $1,000

Disorderly Conduct:
With intent to cause public inconvenience or annoyance or recklessly creating a risk thereof: a) Engages in fighting or violent behavior; b) Makes unreasonable noise; c) Disturbs any lawful assembly; d) Obstructs any vehicular or pedestrian traffic; e) Refuses to disperse when ordered to do so; f ) Initiates or circulates a report known to be false regarding fire, crime or other emergency; g) Creates a
hazardous or physically offensive condition. Note: “Public” means three or more people disturbed or inconvenienced
(ECC 4.725). Offense: Crime Fine: Up to $1,000 (jailable)

Interfering with a Police Officer:
Intentionally acts in a manner that prevents or attempts to prevent a police officer from performing the lawful duties of the police officer with regards to another person; or refuses to obey a lawful order by the police officer (ORS 162.247 and ECC 4.907).
Offense: Class A Misd. Fine: Up to $6,250 (jailable)

Open Container/
Consumption in Public:
Consumption of alcoholic liquor or possession of an open alcoholic beverage container is prohibited in all public places and all private property extended to the public for use (ECC 4.190).
Offense: Crime Fine: Up to $500 (jailable)

Prohibited Noise:
Intentionally or recklessly creating or continuing any noise disturbance (meaning any sound which injures or endangers the safety or health of a human, or which annoys or disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensitivities). Operating or permitting the use or operation of any device designed for sound production between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. that is plainly audible within another dwelling; the same applies on public property or right-of-ways if it is plainly audible at a distance of 50 feet or more (ECC 4.080 and 4.083).
Offense: Crime Fine: Up to $500 (jailable); up to $1,500 (jailable) for failure to cease within 30 minutes after notice or citation or for a similar noise disturbance within 6 months of receiving a citation.

A person commits the crime of riot if while participating with five or more persons the person engages in tumultuous and violent conduct and thereby intentionally and recklessly creates a grave risk of causing public alarm (ORS 166.015). Offense: Class C Felony Fine: Up to $125,000 (jailable)

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