Posted on: June 28, 2019

City Council Adopts FY20 Budget and FY19 Second Supplemental Budget

On Monday, June 24, the Eugene City Council held a public hearing and adopted the fiscal year 2019-2020 (FY20) budget for the City of Eugene.

"I want to thank the Budget Committee, Council and staff for their on-going commitment to sound stewardship of our community's resources," said City Manager Jon Ruiz. “As we look ahead, we will continue to monitor potential impacts to our financial health while responding to the needs of the community and fulfilling the promises that have been made.”

The City Manager’s Proposed Budget, presented in April, included targeted, one-time funding for several initiatives, including those that will impact the safety and livability of the community. The Eugene Budget Committee heard public comment, reviewed and deliberated on the proposed budget during four meetings throughout April and May.

After receiving public input, the Budget Committee voted to recommend adoption of the FY20 Proposed Budget with the following additional funding recommendations:
  • $2,267,000 to the Striker Field Park project to fully the fund the project with a total budget of $3,500,682 – funding to come from Systems Development Capital (SDC) Projects Fund and the General Capital Projects Fund
  • $45,000 in one-time funding to the Human Services Commission to offset the expected reduction in Community Development Block Grant funding – funding to come from Local Marijuana Tax revenue.
  • $130,000 in ongoing funding for a Multicultural Liaison position – funding to come from the Reserve for Revenue Shortfall for the first year
  • $120,000 in ongoing funding to improve and address downtown sanitation services – funding to come from Local Marijuana Tax revenues.
Acting as the Urban Renewal Agency Board of Directors, the City Council also approved the FY20 Budget for the Eugene Urban Renewal Agency. As part of that budget, the Agency allocated $8 million of Riverfront Urban Renewal funds for the Riverfront Park and $4 million for the Riverfront Plaza. Funds will come from Riverfront Urban Renewal funds.

The new budget will go into effect on July 1, 2019. Once the document is finalized later in the summer, the adopted budget will be posted on the City’s website at and the Eugene Open Budget website,, will be updated with the FY20 Adopted Budget and Capital Budget data. The Proposed Budget, approved Budget Committee motions and other agenda materials are available on the City's website at

City Council also held a public hearing and adopted the second supplemental budget for FY19. The Agenda Item Summary for the FY19 Second Supplemental Budget can be viewed at

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