Posted on: July 28, 2020

Arrest information - Protest Turns to Riot

The following is information regarding arrests made on the night of June 25, during the riot. There is one arrest that is being depicted on social media that needs some context and that information is provided first, with the rest of the information about arrests following.

To provide context to the activity prior to arrest. The female was part of the larger rally. As police were moving to try and engage the group in their vehicles, she pulled items in the street to block their path. She then threw rocks at officers and was charged with Riot, Interfering and Resisting Arrest. She was arrested based upon her actions prior to that video running. After arrest officers determined she was a juvenile, she was released to her parents and cited in lieu of custody.

There are others seen in the video in regular street clothes acting aggressively and they are not, as asserted, EPD officers. They have no affiliation with our police department. There was also an assertion the female was subject of a taser and that is untrue.

Our goal was to try and make strategic arrests to avoid using crowd control agents.

The following individuals were arrested during the riot:

Emma Haskins, age 26, Arrested for Riot

Daniel Sascha Newman, age 32, Arrested for Riot and Interfering

Benjamin Isaiah Gregg, age 22, Arrested for Riot, Resisting Arrest, Interfering

Michael Thomas Madden, age 37 06-27-83arrested for Riot, Disorderly Conduct

Kelly Fitzgerald, age 40, arrested for Riot, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest

William Gibson age 21, arrested for Riot, Disorderly Conduct

Case #20-12099

The Following Arrested under Case #20-12094

Robert Welch, age 44, arrested for Unlawful Use Weapon, Reckless endangering