Posted on: August 5, 2020

Several Arrests Made From Riot During Last Weekend of May

On the night of Friday, May 29, and into the morning of Saturday, May 30, a peaceful protest in downtown Eugene devolved into a riot. While not everyone who participated in the original peaceful protest participated in the riot, several hundred individuals participated in widespread damage to property, burglary, robbery, assault, arson and other violent crimes. This was predominately centered around the intersection of 7th Avenue and Washington Street where the businesses sustained extensive damage and loss.

Since that time, members of the Special Investigations Unit have been conducting an investigation into these incidents with the goal to identify those who engaged in the crimes and arrest those individuals for the crimes committed. This continues to be a lengthy investigation, which requires reviewing hundreds of hours of surveillance video along with available social media posts. Ultimately, detectives were able to identify a number of individuals involved in the incident and the crimes committed through videos and interviews.

This morning members of the Eugene Police Department began arresting individuals for the crimes committed that night. The following individuals were arrested today for the listed crimes and lodged at the Lane County Jail:

Chantelle Celine Amador, age 23, of Springfield: Riot (Two counts), Theft 1, Criminal Mischief 2, Disorderly Conduct 2, Harassment 1

James Bradley Blaylock, age 23, of Eugene: Riot, Disorderly Conduct 2 (two counts), Criminal Mischief 2, Reckless Burning

Jeremiah Antonio Corradini-Fisher, age 23, of Eugene: Riot, Disorderly Conduct 2, Interfering with Police

Adrianya Mae Delatorre, age 18, of Eugene: Riot (two counts), Burglary 2 (three counts), Theft 1 (three counts).

Zane Uma Evans-Gabriel, age 27, of Eugene: Riot (three counts), Disorderly Conduct 2 (three counts), Criminal Mischief 2, Reckless Burning, Burglary 2, Theft 1

Isaiah JK Lindsey-Salinas, age 23, of Eugene: Burglary 2, Theft 1, Riot

Bradley Tillman Mcelrath, age 33, of Eugene: Riot, Menacing, Disorderly Conduct 2, Harassment

Tylor Glenn Parris, age 27, of Eugene: Burglary 2 (two counts), Theft 1 (two counts), Riot

Kailee Ann Williams, age 19, of Eugene: Riot, Disorderly Conduct 2

Two juveniles were also arrested during the investigation.

All arrests were made without incident and recorded on body worn cameras and, in some cases, in-car video systems.

Stolen property was recovered as a result of today’s arrests and returned to the rightful owners. This investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are anticipated.