Posted on: August 29, 2020

Officer takes fleeing suspect into custody amid screaming crowd

On August 29 at 12:38 a.m., an officer patrolling an area with frequent burglaries observed a man riding a BMX bike without lights in the roadway and tried to perform a traffic stop at High Alley and 12th Avenue. The suspect, Justin Ojazs Truman, age 31, fled the scene on his bike, crashing at 12th Avenue and Mill Street. He got up and ran and was admonished numerous times to stop. During his flight, he attempted to climb a fence without success. He was admonished with a taser, and continued to flee in 11th Alley. The officer again admonished Truman with the taser and Truman stopped and faced him. The officer told him to get on the ground and Truman backed up and started running west down 11th Alley. The officer attempted to catch up to Truman prior to High Alley, as the officer had seen a lot of other people in the area. He was able to catch Truman and push him. Truman fell into the fence along the south side of 11th Alley just before High Alley. Truman fell into a sitting position with his body upright. The officer attempted to place Truman on his stomach so he could handcuff him, but Truman was holding onto a fence post next to a parking curb. Truman pushed his foot against the parking curb to prevent the officer from placing him on his stomach. The officer told Truman multiple times get on the ground.

While attempting to place Truman in custody, the officer reports that people were approaching from both sides of the alley way screaming at him. With his back exposed to this, he attempted to get Truman to get on the ground and Truman didn’t comply. The officer used the meaty portion of his hand to hit the side of Truman’s face and he was then able to grab Truman and place him on his stomach. Meanwhile, the officer reported people were still coming towards him from both sides yelling. The officer was able to get Truman in handcuffs at 12:39 a.m., while more people gathered around him. Truman had blood on his face, so the officer requested an emergency response from medics. Truman was transported to a local hospital and according to reports had injested two grams of heroin while running from the officer and was admitted to the hospital for eating heroin. Truman was cited for Interfering and his warrants were left open.Case  20-14315

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