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Posted on: May 5, 2023

Rest Stop Program Supports, Stabilizes

Conestoga huts in city park

Rest Stops are designated sites where people can stay in Conestoga huts in a secure, managed location, with on-site amenities as well as individualized and group facilitation supports. The Eugene City Council approved a rest stop pilot program in October 2013, and today there are nine Rest Stops throughout Eugene, five of which the city funds operations for with considerable contributions from the Community Safety Payroll Tax.

A decade in to serving Eugene, Rest Stops continue to play an important role in the local shelter network. In many ways, Rest Stops are an advanced level of shelter, suited for those who are interested and able to be part of a purposeful community, where the program prepares its residents to be successful in housing and the workforce. 

A variety of year-round shelters are available in Eugene that serve different needs among the unhoused community. While drop-in shelters like St. Vincent de Paul's Dawn to Dawn program is a night-to-night option for those looking for a bed, and Safe Sleep sites are lower-barrier for larger numbers of people with connections to providers and stability services, the Rest Stops go a step further.

Rest Stops have no more than 20 occupants and more expectations for group participation and personal planning for moving toward housing and overcoming obstacles. For those who are ready, an environment of other residents and support staff committed to next steps in stability is just what they need. People experiencing homelessness all have different backgrounds and needs, and Eugene's variety of shelter options increases the likelihood that people will choose shelter over living outside, and increases the odds that people in those shelters can make connections that may transition them away from homelessness.

By funding the operations of these sites, the Community Safety Payroll Tax is helping approximately 100 people at any time to increase their stability and exit homelessness. So far in this fiscal year (June 2022 - June 2023), 14 people have moved from Rest Stop sites into permanent housing. 

Community Partners Make Rest Stops Possible

While the Community Safety Payroll Tax provides considerable funding, the Rest Stop program would not be possible or nearly as successful without the significant work of our community partners. Learn more about the impact of Rest Stops and about these service providers on their websites:

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