Planning Division


99 W. 10th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401


Planning Administration 

Name Title Email Phone
Hansen, Alissa Planning Director 541-682-5508
Janisch, Amy Lead Admin | Land Use Planning Specialist 541-682-5699

Metropolitan and Community Planning 

Name Title Email Phone
Harding, Terri Principal Planner 541-682-5635
Gershow, Rebecca Senior Planner Urban Reserves 541-682-8816
O'Donnell, Heather Senior Planner 541-682-5488
Hartman, Chelsea Senior Planner 541-682-5686
McGinley, Sophie Assistant Planner 541-682-5476
Evans, Thea GIS Analyst/Planner 541-682-6035
Cramer, Chad Urban Designer 541-682-5561
Knapp, Jennifer Urban Designer 541-682-5445
Domingo, Elena Assistant Planner 541-682-5002
Gaudin-Dalton, Zoli Planning Analyst 541-682-5461

Zoning and Land Use  

Name Title Email Phone
Flock, Gabe Principal Planner 541-682-5697
Gioello, Nick Associate Planner 541-682-5453
Lilley, Rob Associate Planner 541-682-8404
Bohner, Rodney Associate Planner 541-682-5437
Gepper, Jeff Assistant Planner 541-682-5282
Sullivan, Althea Assistant Planner 541-682-5485