How is the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan coordinating with the Urban Reserves project?

Urban Reserves planning is a part of a long-standing tradition in Oregon and Eugene to plan for urban growth that is led by statewide planning goals. The River Road Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan addresses the vision of the River Road and Santa Clara communities for future development. The goal of Urban Reserve planning is to identify where Eugene may grow beyond our current urban growth boundary (UGB) to accommodate up to 50 years of projected population growth. All land within the Urban Reserves study area is being evaluated to determine whether it is suitable for inclusion. To help protect farm and forest land, state law has specific requirements about which lands should be included, non-resource land being highest priority, which are lands that are not currently being used for agricultural purposes or are a natural resource. If your land is designated within Urban Reserves and it lies within the boundaries of the Neighborhood Plan, your land will remain rural until it goes through the formal state-directed process for UGB expansion and will then be annexed into city limits.  For more information, visit the Urban Reserves webpage.  

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