Does redistricting affect EWEB’s elected officials?

Section 44 of the Eugene City Charter provides that the Eugene Water & Electric Board be composed of five electors whose election is prescribed by ordinance. Section 2.175 of the Eugene Code, in turn, provides that one EWEB commissioner be elected from wards 1 and 8, one from wards 2 and 3, one from wards 4 and 5, one from wards 6 and 7, and one at large. Any changes to the council ward boundaries directly affects the districts EWEB commissioners represent.

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1. Why must Eugene’s council ward boundaries be examined?
2. Why do ward boundaries matter to me?
3. What do the existing Council wards look like?
4. Who makes the decision, and when?
5. How can the community engage in the process?
6. What are the policy guidelines?
7. What will Council use to make its decisions?
8. Does redistricting affect EWEB’s elected officials?
9. What are the steps and timeline for analyzing ward boundaries?