What is the permitting process?

To expedite the approval process, it is important for residents to meet with city staff prior to submitting an application to discuss the project. Following the meeting, a resident, or their contractor, submits a building permit application with the pre-approved construction plans through eBuild, the City’s online permitting resource. When submitting a pre-approved plan for permit, identify that the plan is a pre-approved ADU in the project description on the application. See the eBuild User Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Building permitting staff will review the application for completeness and the plans for site-specific regulations. This review will typically take 3-4 weeks.  If there are no questions or items that need to be addressed following the plan review, the applicant will receive notice that the plans are approved and the permit can be issued. If there are outstanding issues, the applicant will receive an itemized list of Plan Review Comments to address prior to approval.   See the Building an ADU Checklist. 

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