What policies are being considered?

The short answer is not many. Proposed policies include:

Prohibiting landowners of non-resource land (primarily rural residential or industrial land) to apply to change plans, land use code or zoning to allow a more intensive use on their property than what is currently allowed, until included in the UGB. An example of this would be applying to change your zone from rural residential to industrial because the proposed new zone would allow more intensive uses. 

Prohibiting landowners of resource land (farm or forest land) to apply to rezone or redesignate their land to a non-resource zone or designation, until included in the UGB. This is meant to keep these larger and mostly undeveloped parcels as a resource use until urbanization can occur. An example of this would be applying to change your designation from farm land to residential land. This process is already difficult, however, if land were designated Urban Reserves, it would not be allowed at all until it is brought into the UGB.

Also being proposed is a policy to review Eugene’s Urban Reserves no later than 10 years after Eugene’s first UGB expansion following the initial adoption of Urban Reserves. This policy was a recommendation from the Lane County Board of Commissioners with the intent to ensure that the Urban Reserves do not contain too little or too much land, depending on how the city grows. 

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1. How do I know if my land is being considered for inclusion in Urban Reserves?
2. What will happen if my property is included in Urban Reserves?
3. Will Urban Reserves put restrictions on my property?
4. What policies are being considered?
5. Can I keep doing what I’m doing on this land if it is included in Urban Reserves?
6. Will I still be able to build a single-family home on my property?
7. Will Urban Reserves impact agreements set out by Homeowners Associations (HOAs) or through Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)?
8. Do I have a choice about whether my property is included Urban Reserves?
9. Will I get City services, such as water and sewer, if my property is included in Urban Reserves?
10. If my property is in Urban Reserves, then brought into the UGB, will I be required to annex into the City?
11. What’s the likelihood that my property will come into the UGB if it’s in Urban Reserves?
12. What will be the impact on my taxes if my property is brought into the UGB?
13. If my property is zoned Exclusive Farm Use and is included in Urban Reserves, would I lose my farm tax deferral? What if my property was brought into the UGB?
14. How will my land value change if my land is in Urban Reserves? How will my taxes change if my land is in the UGB or the city limits?
15. How does Urban Reserves adoption work?
16. When will the public hearings happen?
17. Will the Fall 2022 meetings be virtual or in person?
18. How do I provide my input? Who do I provide it to?
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