What is the City’s role in planning a sustainable event?

The City of Eugene is a national leader in responsible event management. Between the Waste Prevention, Transportation, and Climate teams at the City, there is always a strong focus and collaborative mindset on how to achieve our city’s many sustainability goals. Eugene set the bar high at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials, which earned the International Olympic Committee’s highest sustainability honor, Sport and the Environment Award. This recognition was leveraged by City staff to create the We Can! sustainable events program, which offers technical assistance and educational resources to anyone delivering an event in Eugene.  The Responsible Events Framework, developed by the City of Eugene with support from the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, serves as a tool that any event planner can use to plan a sustainable event in any community. 


The Eugene Riverfront Festival is working with sustainability operations company Kilowatt One to ensure the highest level of sustainability is achieved. WCH Oregon22 is contracting with local nonprofit BRING Recycling to deliver event services at Hayward Field. Both events will work toward achieving the highest level of certification from third-party event certifier, Council for Responsible Sport

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