What is the River Road-Santa Clara Special Area Zone? How has the approach to implementing a corridor code shifted?

To support implementation of the community vision along the corridor, part of the neighborhood planning process included the development of a draft River Road-Santa Clara Special Area Zone and draft Proposed Zoning Map. The draft Special Area Zone (SAZ) focused on neighborhood centers and key commercial areas near future transportation improvements along the River Road corridor. It included commercial zoned areas and key large church properties beyond the corridor to support potential future redevelopment.

Given a myriad of challenges and changes over the last few years, including a global pandemic, City staff have developed a proposed path that shifts the approach and timing of the corridor code and zoning changes to recognize current realities, including statewide climate, housing, and equity mandates, as well as available City resources. The City of Eugene will advance a citywide effort to review and revise zoning, land use code standards, and development incentives for key corridors across the city, including River Road. This project will be integrated within citywide growth management planning during the next Urban Growth Boundary update (due in 2026). Corridor Code updates will consider the RRSC corridor goals and specific property rezones identified during the neighborhood planning process.

Additionally, the City of Eugene is in the process of integrating clear and objective standards within the Willamette River Greenway Code. The goals of the Greenway Code process and Neighborhood Plan process overlap. As the Greenway Code process is already underway, it offers an opportunity to incorporate neighborhood planning outcomes as part of this code amendment process. 

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1. What is the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan?
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9. What is the River Road-Santa Clara Special Area Zone? How has the approach to implementing a corridor code shifted?
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