How do the proposed zone changes impact your property?

For properties that will be subject to the proposed new zoning (see ‘What is the River Road-Santa Clara Special Area Zone? Where will it apply?’ above) the standards that implement the proposed new zoning will apply to new development or redevelopment only. Existing uses or structures will not be affected. The proposed changes will not require a change in use or changes to current structures. If an existing use or structure does not meet the proposed zoning regulations, then it would be considered a legal non-conforming use. For more information, see Legal Non-Conforming Use Situations.

Proposed adaptive reuse standards may permit the reuse of existing buildings by allowing for alterations, expansions or changes for retail sales, services and office uses. (In these instances, the adaptive reuse standards would apply instead of the standards that implement the proposed new zoning.)

There is no effect on the taxable value as a result of solely changing the zoning of a property. For private property, the taxable value is equal to the property’s ‘assessed value,’ which is, by law, lower than the market value of the property. Unless the property redevelops or changes use, Oregon state law limits the increase in a property’s assessed value to 3% per year, and it cannot exceed the property’s real market value. It is normal for the market value of a property to fluctuate year-to-year and this does not trigger a recalculation of the Assessed Value. If the use of a property changes to be consistent with the new zoning, then the assessed value would be recalculated. If a property is annexed into the City limits, the tax rate applied to the taxable value will increase, and the overall tax burden will increase accordingly.

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