So what's changing?

As a requirement for continued participation in the NFIP, the existing Eugene Floodplain Code needs to be amended and adopt mandatory minimum NFIP regulations. Note, large scale policy changes or changes that go beyond the minimum NFIP regulations are not planned for this floodplain code update. The City’s Floodplain code update will be based upon the State of Oregon Model Floodplain code. Existing Eugene floodplain development code that incorporates a one-foot freeboard will remain. This one-foot of freeboard, defined as the additional amount of height above the Base Flood Elevation used as a factor of safety, will be applied to all residential buildings, new, substantially improved, or reconstructed due to substantial damage, including manufactured homes and mechanical equipment.

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1. What is the difference between a "floodplain" and the "SFHA"?
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3. What is the purpose of the floodplain code amendments?
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5. Who is making these updates and what is the process?
6. So what's changing?
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