What are the next steps?

A joint public hearing is scheduled for September 6, 2022, with the Eugene Planning Commission and the Lane County Planning Commission. Notices will be mailed to property owners within the SFHA which will include information on how to participate in the hearing and how to provide comments or other feedback. This information can also be found on the City webpage for the code amendments: The Planning Commissions will make recommendations and subsequent public hearings will take place jointly with the Eugene Council and Lane County Board of Commissioners. For more information on public outreach/hearings please visit the Floodplain project webpage listed below.

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1. What is the difference between a "floodplain" and the "SFHA"?
2. National Flood Insurance Program_explained
3. What is the purpose of the floodplain code amendments?
4. Is my property affected?
5. Who is making these updates and what is the process?
6. So what's changing?
7. What are the next steps?