Are there opportunities for employment after the internship?

Full-time jobs within the City are hard to come by, but we offer part-time instructor positions for interns who stick around after their internship. We love hiring TR interns into our programs after they have completed an internship!

CTRS positions are limited around Eugene, though the state of Oregon has both clinical and community-based settings where jobs often come available, and as an intern you would be connected to those resources and partners. Eugene is a great place to experience living and working on the west coast!

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1. What makes an internship with Eugene Adaptive Rec unique?
2. What populations or disability groups does an intern work with?
3. How many CTRS do you have on staff?
4. Will this internship prepare me to become certified through NCTRC?
5. How long is the internship?
6. What does a typical day look like for an intern?
7. Will I get paid for the internship?
8. Is housing provided?
9. Will I need a car?
10. Are there opportunities for employment after the internship?
11. What are our values?