How does Amazon Preschool define "potty trained"?

We recognize that potty training is a developmental milestone children reach at different times and that sometimes this process can be stressful. While there is a wide range of time in which a child can reach this milestone and be considered in the normal range of development, due to the structure of our facilities and our staffing your child must be potty trained to attend Amazon Preschool. We define potty trained as:

  • Able to communicate that they need to use the bathroom
  • Willingness to enter a bathroom without an adult (adult can wait outside the bathroom door)
  • Able to pull down their underwear and pants and pull them back up
  • Able to wipe after using the toilet
  • Able to change clothes with verbal support after occasional accidents

Prior to beginning preschool, we encourage parents to help their child practice these steps both at home and in a variety of other bathrooms to build confidence and comfort.

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5. How does Amazon Preschool define "potty trained"?