How will urban renewal impact the school district?

Schools get their funds on a “per pupil basis” from the State School Fund. Because of the ways funds are given to schools, urban renewal will not result in the school district getting less funds over the course of the Urban Renewal Plan. There is a positive benefit to the Eugene School District  4J local option levy as a result of having urban renewal in the community. Chapter 9 of the attached Report accompanying the Plan contains additional technical information regarding the estimated financial impact to 4J.

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1. What is urban renewal?
2. Where is urban renewal used in Eugene?
3. What has been done in the Downtown District with urban renewal funds?
4. How does urban renewal work?
5. Does urban renewal raise property taxes?
6. How has urban renewal evolved?
7. Who benefits from urban renewal?
8. Where do urban renewal funds come from?
9. What effect does urban renewal have on the other governments in the area?
10. How will urban renewal impact the school district?
11. Who makes the decisions about urban renewal projects and spending?
12. Why is the City considering an amendment to the Downtown Urban Renewal Area?
13. How will the money be spent if the Downtown Urban Renewal Plan is amended?
14. How much money is there to spend in the Downtown District?
15. What is the City's next step related to downtown and urban renewal?