What is the City's next step related to downtown and urban renewal?

The Agency Board formally initiated the amendment process on April 12, 2023. The next steps in this process include taking the proposed amendment to the overlapping taxing districts (including Lane County and Eugene School District 4J), Planning Commission review, a public hearing on the ordinance (scheduled for May 15th at 5:30 PM), and a follow up Council work session to review public comment and recommendations (scheduled for June 12th). Currently, City Council plans make the final decision on June 21st.

In addition to the proposed Urban Renewal amendment, several City departments have been working to address the downtown priorities identified through public outreach in the fall of 2022:

  • The proposed City biennial budget includes funding for increased cleaning and beautification and a rapid response team. 
  • Cultural Services continues to support downtown programming, including launching the Farmers Market Pavilion as a venue for community events, in addition to hosting the Lane County Farmers Market year-round. 
  • Eugene Police have rolled out a new team of volunteers to provide a safety presence downtown. The team will patrol downtown on foot, educate people about our downtown rules, de-escalate situations, and report violations and unsafe behaviors to Police. 
  • The proposed City biennial budget includes funding for an Incident Commander focused on downtown cleanliness and safety. This position will focus on the development of resources to quickly respond to safety and cleanliness concerns as they arise.
  • Community Development is working with Downtown Eugene Incorporated to bolster their efforts to support a clean and safe downtown.

In addition, due diligence is ongoing at the future City Hall site and transition planning is focused on at least two phases.  Phase one will include renovations to spaces where the public will be received, including Council Chambers and Work Session rooms. As part of the transition planning, staff will provide recommendations for the area near Olive and 10th Avenue and the Park Blocks. 

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