Is insurance required to rent the Farmers Market Pavilion and Plaza?

Event insurance is required. Rentals held in the FMP and or the FMP Plaza require signing a contract, and an indemnification agreement and providing proof of general liability insurance coverage. This should include coverage of at least $2,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate. You must provide a certificate of insurance that meets these requirements, along with a separate endorsement form that names the City of Eugene as additionally insured. The policy must be a primary policy, not a policy that contributes to any coverage that the City may carry. The City of Eugene has access to a special event insurance provider that may be able to provide the coverage you need for your small-scale event. You can also consult with your insurance agent about alternate coverage options under an existing homeowner’s or business insurance policy. There is extra information and links to insurance providers in the FMP Event Guide, available upon request. For further questions regarding insurance requirements, contact Risk Services at 541-682-5662.

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23. Is insurance required to rent the Farmers Market Pavilion and Plaza?