How do the water bottle refilling stations work?

Water bottle refilling stations help reduce event waste. Disposable plastic water bottles are a source of waste across the United States and only a fraction of these bottles are ever recycled---leading to substantial impacts on our rivers, oceans, and landfills.

Eugene’s water refilling stations have already helped reduce numbers of discarded single use bottles at local events, and including water refilling stations highlights the importance of our local water resources while ensuring access to clean drinking water for all attendees.  

Each basin style water station connects to a municipal water source using a standard garden hose fitting.  The stations each have six bottle filler taps that dispense water on demand for event attendees. 

Up to ten water stations are available to any public event, and delivery and set up services are provided by Action RentAll, a local event services contractor, for a low $50 fee.  To reserve a water station for your next event, contact Action RentAll at 541-726-6517

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